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Goals & Gratitude


Hello Friend! I am so happy you have joined me on this journey! Get ready to fill your week with inspiration, commitments and gratitude!

Turn Your Goals into Achievements!

This is a One Week Plan to help you breakdown and achieve your Goals!  SO SIMPLE!

  • Set your 3 Goals you want to achieve- big or small

  • Each morning complete the “Daily Accountability Journal of Action” to create clear action steps & share gratitude.

  • Each evening spend 15 minutes reflecting and record your accomplishments and what you feel grateful for.

This plan is designed for a one week, but you can continue the plan for as long as you need!


**PRINT  "Daily Accountability Journal of Action" or record in a notebook**

Daily Accountability Journal of Action

Watch my 5 minute video on how to get started!

What will you do today to achieve your goals?!



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