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How I SMUDGE with White Sage

  1. I open windows to allow airflow and to help stagnant energy to leave.

  2. Before beginning, I pause to set an intention for my self-care practice; it may be to release stagnant energy, welcome a new beginning, reset my day or simply cleanse my space before meditation, yoga and journaling.

  3. I light my affirmation sage stick, hold it at a 45-degree angle above a flame (a natural candle works well). If a flame catches on the sage stick, I gently blow it out to create a light smoulder.

  4. I hold my affirmation sage stick above a heat proof container to catch any falling embers and carry it carefully around my home encouraging the smoke into all spaces.

  5. I sage/smudge areas where energy naturally stagnates such as corners of rooms, behind doors and spaces that are not used often.

  6. I visualize the smoke absorbing all negativity and repeat my affirmations to revitalize my space.

  7. To cleanse, clear and reset my personal energy, I carefully pass the smouldering stick from my feet to my head and back again, while repeating my affirmations.

  8. Lastly, I extinguish the stick by pressing it lightly into my heat proof smudge tray or into dry earth/sand. I never use water as this will result in being unable to re-light the stick.

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