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“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”. ~ B.K.S Iyengar



To me feeling beautiful is a state of mind that comes from a place of love for yourself and internal confidence. When you find this place in you, love can transcend and positively impact others around you. Yoga is a practice that fosters this self-love and appreciation. When I first began my yoga practice, I was drawn to the physical aspect and how it transformed my body, toning and strengthening my muscles, which of course I loved and strived for. As I continued to grow in my practice, overtime, I began to also connect mentally and emotionally, fully receiving the benefits of yoga. It soon became more than just exercise; it became a lifestyle of healthy living.  My passion became so strong that I became a certified yoga instructor so I could to teach others what I had learned with hope that yoga can transform their lives as well!


Yoga fosters the connection of mind, body, and spirit!

When you practice on your mat you receive many health and body benefits, what you carry off your mat into your life has positive effects mentally and emotionally.

I want to share a few of the countless benefits yoga can provide. Physically yoga improves strength, muscle tone, and flexibility, and promotes weight management. Mentally it helps with stress relief, depression, improves concentration, memory and mental clarity.  


Yoga does not discriminate!

 I love that yoga can be for everyone, any body shape, any age, or any disability. There are so many different styles of yoga that anyone can choose to tailor to their individual needs.  Styles like Ashtanga, Power or Hatha for fitness, and Kundalini for meditative just to name a few.


Yoga done easy!

The great thing about yoga is it can be done anywhere at anytime. Even 10 minutes of yoga can re energize your body and mind at the start of the day, or relieve stress and anxiety at the end of your day. There are so many online yoga studios and instruction available to make it convenient and accessible! Also many studios and classes that offer great community cultures!


Yoga is transformational and encourages self -love and appreciation. It becomes a mindset that benefits your mind body and soul! I encourage anyone and everyone to practice to receive all the benefits yoga has to offerJ




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